Worth 1,000 words… and much more

There’s a very interesting discussion on the power and meaning of photojournalism, with a special focus on the coverage of the 2006 aerial bombing campaign of Lebanon by Israel, in the opinion section of the New York Times.

It touches on a very sensitive subject for this region, and one that has repeatedly bothered Israelis, and that is the way that news media have been used/abused/manipulated/recruited or simply twisted and perverted by interested parties.

Most importantly, it goes to show just how fundamental and precious integrity is to the business of journalism.

(For what it’s worth, AP photographer and photo editor Ben Curtis seems like one of the keepers of the flame in that regard. Additionally, for anyone who has seen how news is made, his description of the “coincidence” of multiple photographers filming from the same location is instantly recognizable and believable. It also illustrates how lots of people can look at the same image and see in it — or use it to portray — very divergent ideas and information.)


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