So long, Salaam

MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSWell, it finally happened. After numerous threats to do so, Salaam Fayad has tendered his resignation as prime minister of the Palestinian Authority.

As Khaled Abu Toameh explains,

Fayad, from the Third Way Party, was not only an obstacle to the formation of a “unity government,” but as an independent figure, he was regarded by both parties as an outsider.

Many Fatah members have long been demanding the removal of Fayad from power, saying that his efforts to reform the PA were being carried out at the expense of Fatah’s standing.

What bothered Fatah was that most of the international aid was going directly to Fayad’s government and not into the bank accounts of its leaders in Ramallah. Fatah needs a lot of money to buy loyalty and maintain its grip on the PA, and that’s where Fayad was not being cooperative.

Fatah was also worried by the fact that Fayad’s government was not dominated by its men, as was the case in almost all the previous Palestinian governments. Most of Fayad’s ministers were not even affiliated with Fatah.


Hamas and Fatah were worried that the international community would insist on channeling the funds only to Fayad’s government, a move that would have further strengthened his status among the Palestinians at their expense.

This all makes so much sense. I mean, which sane Palestinian would want an independent, internationally recognized economist, unbeholden to either of the parties that have systematically destroyed any chance of a viable Palestinian state, in charge of the billions of dollars in financial aid that foreign donors have lavished on his people?

…And now a “unity” government can be established that will accomplish nothing.


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