I ‘ate’ it when that happens

In high school, I had a French teacher who had to order cheeseburgers at restaurants, because American waiters couldn’t understand his requests for hamburgers. Now Ha’aretz is eating crow over a similar misunderstanding.

The French, you see, don’t really pronounce an “h” at the beginning of a word. That’s why my French teacher found it easier to convey his lunch order by requesting “sheeseburgers” than he did in trying to explain what he meant by an “amburger.”

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, on the other hand, has weightier things in mind when he speaks – Iran’s nuclear program, for instance – so his elocution is of greater consequence. In speaking with the daily newspaper Ha’aretz, Kouchner was quoted as downplaying the threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon by saying, “I honestly don’t believe that it will give any immunity to Iran… because you will eat them before” they can launch a missile.

Now, Israelis are fairly adventurous, culinarily speaking, and Persian dishes are nothing new on the local scene. But the suggestion that we’d gorge ourselves on Iranians is especially laughable in consideration of the fact that Kouchner meant that Israel would likely hit Iran, as in a pre-emptive strike. The online version of the interview omits the quote as it appeared in print. But as this gaffe makes its own headlines, Ha’aretz (A’aretz?) will be eating crow. Zut alors!


2 Responses

  1. I LOVE this! I can just see all the Danish cartoons, and the war on the Danes. A national uprising in the Muslim community! Oh, wonderful! What we can’t do politically, the French can do with the misspoken word.

    Leave it to the French, where, once again, a solitary Frenchman was sent into the fray.

  2. Unless, of course, Kouchner meant that we would eat ozney hamandinejad on Purim… 🙂

    Gmar chatimah tovah,
    Uncle Zvi

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